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The Sonora as pictured for sale on Radiotiques website and in "as delivered" condition


The radio stripped of the chassis and knobs


The radio in "stripped" condition. Just as a side note:  Removing the original paint from a radio that is nearly 70 years a real bear. Don't think that you will do it in an afternoon. Especially these deco design sets with a lot of bars, grill slots and nooks and crannies. It's just not a fun or fast job. 


The final product. I painted it an automotive yellow because I liked the color in combination with the burgundy colored knobs. I use auto lacquer because it is durable and there is a myriad of colors available. I got a little tired of brown bakelite, black bakelite and cream bakelite. I don't usually add much color to my restorations because antique radios simply did not come in many varied or vibrant colors....This radio is an exception as it is going to stay in my collection, So Yellow it is !!!


















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