from past customers


     "Great packaging and a wonderful radio. A great restoration, it plays super and looks even better. I couldn't be happier!  Thanks very much"         1946 Temple Metal case


     "Super packing. Item arrived safe and sound. Great piece for my collection"  1936 Airline


      "Thanks for the great radio. Super Fast shipping and Excellent packaging. I was very impressed with your restoration of this fine radio. You did a wonderful job on the finish. I have a friend who does furniture restoration and he swore that the finish and tone were original. I showed him the before and after pictures and he was astonished. Keep up the good work"        1929 Eaton  8 tube battery receiver


     "Awesome radio - Great packaging. It plays like is was new, and looks like it was just sent to me from the factory. Thanks a bunch"             Arvin Model 442


     "What a beautiful radio...Plays great...Fast shipping...I couldn't be happier with the purchase"              1954 Westinghouse dual speaker


     "cool vintage radios. I really like them. They have drawn a lot of attention in my display cabinet. I will probably purchase more from you in the future."      pair of Capehart T-522's


     "Fantastic seller with GREAT products, first rate all the way!!  The airline plays perfect and the battery eliminator is a work of art.  Thanks!!!!!!!      1947 Airline Metal Midget and a custom made battery eliminator for a Radiola IIIA


     "The radio is absolutely beautiful and works perfectly!  Your work is a true reflection of the real care, patience and talent that you have and the time spent in its refurbishment. I appreciate your efforts a great deal!"             1941 Stromberg-Carlson


      "Perfect ! Very good packaging, among the best that I have received. The radio was great, the restoration was superb.  I can't wait to show it off to my friends!!  Many, many heartfelt thanks                     1948 Motorola  AC/DC portable


      "I am totally satisfied with your work. I sent you a few radios that I thought could not be saved and you proved me wrong. I could not be happier and would put my trust in you for anything having to do with refurbishment or restoration. Thanks for packing them very well. They arrived totally unscathed"       1948  Detrola Metal Case / 1946 Silvertone Metal Midget


     "Hey Jeff, the amp is here. It arrived today and all I can say is wow...wow...wow...WOW!  I stopped by a place here called The House of Guitars. They have dozens of 50s-60s Fender Gibson, Magnetone, and Silvertone models, all 8-25 watts, but not a 1482 in sight. All the amps I tried there sounded like crap. I got a bit scared, because I'd never played a 1482 before and buying it without trying it was a little nerve wracking. I was buying this one based on a couple youtube video reviews and stuff I read online. This amp sounds just like you described it. It is exactly what I was hoping for, in great condition, and holy cow, did you pack it securely enough?! haha!  I knew you would, but the way it came even excelled my expectations!  Thanks for taking such good care to clean/prep the amp and get it here safely, and thanks for checking on if it had arrived today. 5 to 7 days, just like you said. :] Next amp I buy from you, I'll get the express delivery. I am the kinda guy that does not like to wait. Seriously, I could not be happier!!!   Thanks again Jeff, God bless, and have a great weekend!"       Rob                  Vintage 1963 Silvertone 1482 Tube Amplifier  (total restoration)


      "LOVE THAT SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beauty!  The paint is flawless and the sound out of an old, refurbished tube radio is nothing less than indescribable"  Thanks so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"         Westinghouse  H-145  "refrigerator"


      "I am so happy about the purchase of the replica antenna you made for me. The quality is fantastic and the design and workmanship are second to none.  I am so happy with my purchase the I am looking at purchasing another. Please email me back with some pictures and prices. I think your work is superior and one would be hard pressed to tell these from the originals.  Best wishes"   Kent             Fiat "X" frame, bow side replica antenna in mahogany and brass






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