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    Hello and welcome to my Medieval Manuscript page. On this page you will find a few of the many manuscripts that I have done for a Medieval re-creationist group that I am a member of. These are all drawn in pencil then the illuminations (or pictures) are painted. Then the calligraphy is added and finally there are some final touches like vines, flowers and assorted things that I add for a little personal touch like little beasts and such hidden in the pictures and in the lines of the script.

The leaves of this scroll are gold leaf as is the border where the gold is. The picture below is a close up of the beginning capital letter "O" with a little picture in it of the lady receiving it. She is seated at a loom and is working diligently away at her sewing.


The second set of pictures are of a very large scroll that I did for a couple who were both getting an award. The scroll pictured here is a copy of the original. I had a local copy shop copy it and because it was so large they had to do it in two pieces. As you can tell from the tape down the middle of the picture of the couple kissing in the center, I was not very happy with these pictures but they are all that I have of this particular piece. The original turned out much more beautiful than the poor quality pictures let on. The calligraphy is in the German language.



Another very large scroll (over 24 inches wide) made for a couple award as well. This one was also in German


Two others. One male and one female, generic with no names. The names were added later--His in the red space provided and Hers in the blank space just below the large "G"  The pictures below these are of the details of the Man and Woman. Because of the shiny gold leafing (especially on the background of the male) it is very hard to photograph. The flash simply washes out the picture especially near his feet. Sorry about that

My newest scroll was for the King Reinmar of Artemisia

He was traveling to the Quest for Camelot and needed to recruit some warriors when he arrived. This scroll was for a roster of the fighters he recruited while he was there.



Thank you for looking at my Medieval Manuscript replica page. If you would like more information about these or any other projects please email me and I will try to answer any questions you have. If you would like to commission a scroll and would like an estimate of costs (they are very reasonable considering the amount of time and work involved) just email me and we will discuss options, prices, payment and shipping.

Thank you for looking, have a great day! 








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