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About Us:

We are Jeff and Trish Webster, owners and proprietors of Vintage Tunes Collectable Radios and Antique Electronics. We collect, repair, refurbish and restore tube radios, tube amps, some collectable transistor radios, "quack" medical devices, Antique Telephones and Telegraphs and just about any Antique that strikes our fancy.

This site is maintained by me, Jeff. I am the technician and restorer. I interned with a master cabinet and furniture maker and learned many "tricks of the trade" including antique wood finishes and restoration of antique furniture. This was my profession at one time and I have been restoring and refinishing wood and Antique wooden objects for over 30 years. My passion now is the restoration, both electronic and aesthetic of tube radios and antique electronic devices. I have quite a collection of radios both domestic and foreign for sale.

Trish is an accomplished artist and has done many types of artistic endeavors. She replicates Medieval manuscripts and is an above average scribe, calligrapher and illuminator. She also paints rocks. Not just any rocks. She makes ordinary rocks extraordinary by making them into exquisite little houses. First she lovingly hand picks rocks for their original shape and beauty. Then she cleans them thoroughly and builds up rooflines, eaves and window awnings. Then she paints them making them into quaint little village homes. Some are modest little village huts with thatched roofs while others are intricately painted Victorian homes with balconies and multiple levels. She even painted and entire Main Street of buildings once complete with church, drug store and others, all made out of ordinary rocks. Some say that she paints in the style of Thomas Kinkade. For this she is very flattered but is quick to point out that she has her own style and does not attempt to align herself with the master "painter of light" or copy his style or artistry in any way. Please click on her Rocks page or her Manuscripts page to see some of her work.

Things We sell, Things I repair :

We mostly sell collectable radios (tube) and electronics such as quack medical devices, tube intercoms, tube amps, and Antiques of all shapes and sizes including telephones, Tesla coils and telegraphs. I take these items in for repair from customers and clients as well. We consign as well. I also have a rather extensive collection of both already restored and awaiting restoration items as well. I have literally hundreds of radios and other electronic items in my personal collection as well as in stock awaiting restoration. Domestic or Foreign radios, I have them all. I have dozens of English, French, Australian, New Zealand, Belgian, German and Czechoslovakian radios as well as most all the popular, and the less popular radios of American and Canadian origin.

Things I buy:

Pretty much the things that I buy are the same things as I sell. I am interested in Antiques including radios, amps and anything that seems collectable, out of the ordinary or interesting to me.

Things I collect:

I have such an eclectic taste in collecting it often times amazes even me. I really don't think anything is out of the question; just some things are more desirable than others.

Interests and hobbies:

Tube radios, Art Deco (anything), Antiques, Telephones, Hot Rod stuff, Underdog memorabilia, Tesla items including Tesla Coils, Van de Graaf generators, and the list goes on and on. I am also interested in the vintage Air Race Planes of the 1930's especially the wonderful and unusual Gee Bee Racer.

Business Information:


Vintage Tunes repairs, renovates and restores Antique and Collectable Tube Radios. We also do restoration on antique electronic devices including telephones. Our forte' is wood restoration be it Radios, Furniture, cabinets, etc. Bakelite is another interest and we have had very good luck in the past with the restoration of Bakelite items, although it is much more difficult, at times than wood. As mentioned above I have hundreds of collectable radios and antique electronics. Some are already restored and ready to sell, some are awaiting restoration and some are for parts only as they are beyond even my expertise. However if you want a particular radio or phonograph, I may have it or know how to get one for you. Just let me know.

That being said....I would love to work on your antique, collectable or family heirloom radio or electronic device, however:  I do have a full time job that pays the bills and feeds the family. I work on antiques and collectable electronics as a hobby and as such, I cannot promise a fast turn around on all things that I take in for repair or restoration.  Some items may take a couple of weeks, some things may take a couple of months. Rarely can I or will I complete your rebuild or restoration in a week. Rarer yet can I or will I complete your rebuild or restoration in more than a couple of months. However it may take some time depending on my work schedule, what I have in front of your work on my scheduling docket and the extent of the work needed to repair or restore your particular item. By all means contact me and we can come to some reasonable compromise as to a time frame and price. I can keep my prices affordable because I have little overhead and I do not do this as a means of income. The prices I charge reflect the actual costs of the materials used plus a little for my time. 

Payment policy:

We prefer PayPal but will accept any form of payment be it Money order, check or barter (if pre-approved) Any form of credit card must be processed through PayPal

Shipping information:

We ship immediately (well, within reason) of receipt of payment. Usually within 48 hours of payment unless of course we have to manufacture what you are buying (i.e. battery eliminators, etc.)

Return policy:

Returns are gladly accepted if it has been found that we have misrepresented the item or it arrives and is not as described. Please contact us if you are not satisfied with our services or your purchase. We strive to excellence and we want to have a goal of : 'not one dissatisfied customer'

Contact information:

Feel free to contact us at: and we can discuss anything that you are interested in. For quotes on repairs (including shipping information) I need to know a few vital issues with your radio or if you are interested in buying one. Please email me and I will send you a set of instructions as to what I need to know to make this transaction run as smooth as possible. See our Restorations page for hints on what to do (and not to do) with your antique or collectable radio or electronic device, as well as some of the services that we provide. 


     If you would like to see some of the Testimonials of my work, by past clients, just click on the highlighted text and take a look.


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