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Welcome to my personal collection of stuff

   On this page you will find an ongoing chronicle of my personal collection of radios, antique electronics, 'quack' medical devices, Tesla coils, Van de Graaf generators and other interesting items that I have accumulated over the years. Some are antiques, some are reproductions, some are experiments and others are just plain fun to play with. Hope you like this page and hopefully you will see something that will interest you, something that will intrigue you or possibly even stuff that may surprise you.

   For the most part, the items on these pages are not for sale at this time unless they are listed on my "items for sale" page. However if you see something that strikes your fancy by all means email me and we can discuss that option.

   I am constantly building links and adding pictures of different things at time permits. Please bear with me as I work to build this site.








    Another thing that I am very passionate about are the racing planes of the 1930's. I absolutely love those beautiful and graceful air racers, especially the unique little racer known as the Gee Bee Racer. This was the brainchild of the Granville Brothers, hence the GB. They thought it was better to have a proper name instead of just some initials, so the Gee Bee was born.

    Click on the Gee Bee Racer for a history and some great pictures of the Gee Bee R-1, Gee Bee R-2, Gee Bee "Z" and all the other racers in the Granville Brothers stable of planes.



          Gee Bee Racer (R-1), 1931


   Click on the picture of the Hall 'Bulldog' Racer for some history of the 1930's Air Racing Circuit and a history of other great Air Racers of that great Era.



                  Hall 'Bulldog' Racer, 1932


    I have literally hundreds of photos in my collection of racing planes, unique and innovative planes and just some great pictures of antique planes in general. I hope you will take a minute to look and get a little more acquainted with these great works of art and the courageous men and women who piloted them.







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